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1. Should I help my child with DreamBox? DreamBox is adaptive; therefore, please don’t help students while they are working. Helping them may end up advancing them in the program when they are not really ready to move on. You can clarify directions, but do not help them through the activity.

2. Can my child take a break while they are working? Try to limit distractions while your child is working because DreamBox incorporates response time in the data used for adapting lessons. The pause button at the top of the screen can be used if your child takes a break and needs to come back to finish a lesson. Time will not be accrued during a pause.

3. Should my child use paper and pencil while working in DreamBox? No. DreamBox is meant to develop number sense and mental math skills. DreamBox scaffolds the learning and encourages the development of powerful thinking strategies. Providing paper and pencil may actually prevent the development of strategies based on reasoning about number relationships.

4. What if the lesson is too hard and my child is frustrated? – It is extremely important for students to complete lessons once they start them. DreamBox does not adapt until the lesson is completed. It will not adapt to an easier lesson if the lesson is abandoned. If a lesson is ‘too hard’ or a child seems frustrated, encourage them to click on the help or hint button in the top right corner. They can click on this button multiple times to get different levels of support. Also encourage them to make the best choice or answer possible, even if they are wrong. Mistakes are okay! Mistakes are part of learning and in this case, it is how you let the program know that you don’t understand and need to work on some prior concepts and skills. Learning to approach challenges and doing your best to try to figure something out is how we make our brains grow. Be sure to praise your child for working hard and persevering.

5. What if the lesson is too easy and my child is not challenged? – Encourage your child to work through the lesson as quickly as possible. It is important that your child actually finish the lesson. DreamBox does not adapt until the lesson is completed. If the lesson is abandoned, DreamBox won’t give the child credit for completing the lesson and advance them to more challenging content.

6. Which lessons should my child complete? When we were just beginning, we suggested that students work on unique (new) lessons at school and practice lessons at home. In the primary environment, unique lessons are those with a yellow circle and practice lessons have a green circle. In the intermediate environment, unique lessons are the coined lessons and practice lessons have a ‘practice’ banner. At this point in the school year, please encourage your child to do both unique and practice lessons at home. Unique lessons deliver new content, propel students forward, and show progress. You might begin by asking your child to do at least one unique lesson at home before doing any practice lessons.

7. What if my child is getting the same lesson over and over again? – Be sure that you have the volume on and listen to the spoken directions. Often, students appear to be given the same lesson, but the instructions are changed slightly to encourage the next level of skill development. If your child is stuck, encourage them to click the help or hint button and listen carefully to the instructions. The help or hint button can be used multiple times. Also, be sure your child sticks with the lesson until they complete it. If they abandon the lesson, they will receive the same lesson again until they complete it.

8. Something seems wrong with a particular lesson. How do I let DreamBox know? While your child is working in DreamBox, you will notice an envelope icon at the bottom of the page. Clicking on the envelope icon allows you to give feedback to DreamBox about a particular lesson.

9. How do I contact DreamBox if I have questions or need technical help? You can contact the DreamBox support number toll free at 1-877-451-7845.

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